This Award is Designed For:

  • Individuals who are required to carry out internal verification of competence assessments as part of a competence management system.

  This Award is Appropriate for You if You:

  • Have access to two assessors who are carrying out assessments in the workplace

  • Are willing to verify assessment decisions

  • Can judge whether the assessor’s performance is acceptable and satisfies the requirements of the standard(s) being assessed/assessment process

  • Can correctly complete the verification paperwork/reports

  • Can give and write constructive feedback to the assessor on the results of the internal verification

  • Can complete all requirements within 12 months

  • Have a basic understanding of the English language

  Delegate Pre-requisites

  There are no formal delegate pre-requisites for attendance on the Internal Verifier Training Programme; although delegates must provide evidence that they have

  access to a minimum of two assessors undertaking an assessment to certify in their workplace.

  What the ONE DAY Classroom Learning Programme covers:

  1.Introduction to Internal Verification

  ·         The Purpose of Internal Verification

  2. The Internal Verifier’s Role

  ·         Supporting Assessors

  ·         Monitoring and Verifying the Quality of Assessments

  ·         Record Keeping and Feedback

  ·         Assuring the Competence Process Delegates attending this Internal Verifier training programme will be given a series of explanations and demonstrations that

  will identify what they are expected to know and do.

  This will be followed by practical exercises allowing delegates to rehearse their skills, knowledge and understanding of the Internal Verifier role. All practical exercises

  shall use, wherever possible, the actual paperwork that the delegates are expected to use in their workplace.

  Assessment Requirements

  Delegates will complete a 60 minute open book written test (in an invigilated environment), at the end of the one day training programme, to test their


  knowledge of the theory Learning Outcomes (1-23) of the OPITO Internal Verifier Training Standard.

  Workplace Evidence Requirements

  Delegates are required to gather workplace evidence to achieve the skills-based criteria of the OPITO Internal Verifier Training Standard.

  They must submit, as a minimum, the verification-related documentation listed below for two assessors they have verified in the workplace:

  a) Verification plans

  b) Records of verification of two stand-alone competence units (plus copies of the assessments verified)

  c) Records of verification feedback

  d) Records of your participation in a standardisation meeting.

  The assessment evidence, generated in the workplace, is to be provided by the delegate or the organisation’s representatives to the training provider as soon as

  possible but within twelve months of completion of the OPITO Internal Verifier training course.